Betting Guide: Over/Under

To begin with, what are over/under 2.5 bets?

All right, we understand that watching Real Madrid vs Barcelona and selecting one of these teams is much easier than trying to understand what a bunch of loose numbers mean.

But these seemingly difficult figures are not complicated and in this explanation you will see how simple it is to apply.

First of all let’s go to the one above 2.5 goals. Suppose that this weekend the ball rolls in the Premier League for a clash between Liverpool and Manchester City. We will have two great attacks face to face and one certainty: we will have a lot of ball in the net.

In this case, you invest on the match with a goal total above 2.5, which guarantees you a return if the duel ends with three or more goals.

If the match in question involves two bad attacks, the way to go is to invest in the under 2.5, which generates profit as long as the match has a maximum of two balls in the net.

Why opt for the above or below 2.5 and less for the result?

Over/Under bets

This option usually brings bigger prizes than simply applying on which club wins the match.

In addition, this type of application eliminates the fan side or tendency to invest in the victory of team A or team B.

To complete, there is still the possibility (and a great one) of you making money even before the duel ends.

What strategy should be used to win money with bets above / below 2.5?

1) Duel of extremes

An excellent option is to keep an eye on those games that involve very strong teams against modest opponents.

Something like Barcelona against a La Liga underdog. The chance of Messi’s team applying a goal is huge and with the over/under 2.5 even the opponent’s goal is something positive for you. 2) Home advantage

Something important allied to the above tactic is to see what the venue of the match is. Clubs like Barcelona, Manchester City, Flamengo and many others tend to score a lot of goals indoors and this needs to be considered. It is easier to score on their home turf than away.

3) History of matches

Looking at the history is always something important. If a particular clash has been marked by scorelines or busy scorelines in previous years, the chance of this being repeated is high and you need to keep an eye on it.

4) The last matches

Finally, it is good to check if the club in question is not going through a bad phase or if it has lost any player through injury or suspension. In case none of that is happening, you can safely apply it.


Betting Guide

In several cases, there is a strong belief in a rout. For example in matches like Spain-Malta, Juventus-Reggina or Palmeiras-Noroeste. The line set by the bookmaker of 2.5 goals will pay very little. Therefore, bookmakers often offer other lines, of 3.5 goals, 4.5 goals, etc.


With the information in hand, bets above / below 2.5 are even better options for cashing in on that favourite than simply betting that it will emerge victorious.

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