What Roulette Is and How to Play It

Roulette is a table game of chance, which is a spinning wheel divided into segments and a roulette table. Having created Bizzo Casino login and password, a user can play with a live dealer or a computer. 

The game process is as follows:

  1. The participant joins the roulette table.
  2. Makes his bet.
  3. The croupier launches the ball over the roulette wheel in the opposite direction from its rotation.
  4. Over time, the ball slows down and stops at one of the sectors.
  5. All players whose bets are played win. The simplicity of the rules makes roulette one of the most popular games, among all players.

Regardless of the game, users are offered colorful graphics, detailing chips, and drawing of the roulette wheel. The gameplay is often supplemented with a pleasant soundtrack, which creates an atmosphere of visiting a land-based casino.

How to Play Roulette 

Play Roulette

Users need to predict which of the cells will be stopped by the croupier’s ball. Before the spinning of the wheel begins, player bets are accepted on:

  • Red or black
  • Even or odd
  • Zero
  • Rate range
  • A certain number and other types of bets

Depending on the type of roulette running, players are offered an addition to the gameplay, which can be read in advance.

To understand the features of the software and learn the rules of the game of roulette, players are advised to start with a demo mode. This version runs regardless of the player’s authorization on the site and replenishment of balance. At the casino, roulette without registration is available to players from any device.

This format is suitable for beginners and players who want to understand how to play roulette in the casino. Thanks to the absence of risks, visitors can train and develop their own tactics and betting strategy without restrictions.

For players who navigate in the chosen version of roulette, the format is available for real money. Depending on the selected software, players have access to a different betting range, interface language and croupier.

Types of Roulette 

Roulette has undergone many modifications and allowed participants to choose the version of the game that suits them. The most popular variations are:

  • European. The wheel is divided into 36 numbered sectors and one zero. This variation allows dividing the wheel into three sectors: Voisins de zero, Orphelins, Tier. The playing field of European roulette has 12 cells in three rows. The guests are offered to make external and internal bets. Simple rules of European roulette allow guests to quickly understand the peculiarities of the dealer’s work, the algorithm of the formation of winnings from the cell count.
  • American. Used mainly in U.S. casinos and differs from the European, the presence of an extra sector – double Zero. This variation of the game allows guests to bet on a combination of 5 numbers: 1, 2, 3, zero and double zero. A distinctive feature of American roulette is the surrender rule. It consists in the fact that the participant who made a bet, in the case of a zero or double Zero, half of the bet is returned. This option is available only to guests who bet on a 50/50 chance of winning.
  • French. This version is one of the oldest. It is based on the “player vs. casino” principle. Like the European version, it is divided into 37 sectors from 0 to 36.

Users must make external and internal bets. External bets are placed on the corresponding fields of the external game sector. The chances of winning in such bets increase, but in total the guest may get a little less money than during the external bets. The most popular variants of outside bets are large or smaller, red and black, even and odd, or dozens.

Internal bets can be placed on the inner sector of the roulette playing field. There are straight bets, splits, carats, line of six, basket, highest line, first four.

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