Online Roulette Betting

It’s very easy to play free roulette, you can access the game through the browser on your computer or mobile device (without the need to download apps) and obviously, you don’t need to place any cash bets. 

One of the most attractive features of the free online roulette game is its simplicity. Players can choose low or high risk bets and win the equivalent prize. 

Enjoy playing roulette as often as you like, click above to play for free and in a few seconds you’ll be ready to practice the game. To start your play, click on the chips on the table to select the amount you would like to bet if it was a real money bet. 

The also offers a comprehensive online roulette guide where beginners can learn the basic rules and objectives of roulette. More experienced players, on the other hand, will find information such as strategies, tricks, tips and odds to win at the game. 

Free roulette game

Roulette Betting

Roulette has been known for centuries as a game of chance inspired by the discoveries of French physicist Blaise Pascal. Throughout the years roulette preserves the same format with minor changes but with the same adrenaline and always arousing the curiosity of players. 

At some online casinos recommended by our team, you can start playing without betting money through no deposit bonuses. To take advantage of a no deposit bonus, you need to register with the casino for your security. Once your account is active you will receive your bonus, which means a balance in your account so you can start playing, without having to make a cash deposit at the casino. 

With the high technology of online casino gaming software, you will find roulette games with maximum image and audio resolution that provide total immersion and interactivity in the game. 

Anyway, the free roulette version works very well for you to learn how to play and put into practice the game strategies and train your skills more and more. 

Roulette betting 

Online Roulette Betting

The online or real casino roulette game begins with players placing their bets which include numbers (1 to 36) and colours (black and red). Next, the roulette wheel is spun in the opposite direction of a small white ball. When the wheel stops spinning, the ball lands on one of the specific number and colour boxes and the corresponding bet on the result is awarded. 

Being a simple game, players have developed roulette strategies to get even closer to a winning bet. Some are authentic and should be followed and others are myths. 

The best known roulette strategy today is the Martingale system but statistically they are not recommended strategies. It consists of the idea that you will double your bet with each loss and at some point, you will increase your chances of winning and when you do, you will be ahead in the game. The problem is that players usually have a limited bankroll. Bids, favoured or not, are unlikely and the risk may be higher than expected, you may exceed the table’s maximum bet limit. 

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