Online Keno

Keno is well known in lotteries, played by millions players. You can also play keno at online casinos with instant draws when players place their bets. If you already play lottery keno, enjoy the digital version with even greater chances of winning. While the odds of lottery keno are 1 in 140 million, online keno is 1 in 84 million. Check out these tips for playing keno that can help your game. 

Play keno at online casinos

To play keno at online casinos, the player receives a ticket containing 80 numbers and must choose up to 20 numbers or let the system select the numbers randomly. 

Take advantage of bonuses that offer extra money at casinos to play online keno. The bonuses from the casinos selected by our team offer the best advantages for players. You can also compete for big jackpot payouts. Check out the tips on how to play keno: 

You will find cards to play keno online with minimum bet amounts for all types of players. The payouts for winning bets or digital keno prizes can be much higher, as the number of online gamblers is higher.

Just like most games that need a wager to play, knowing how to bet is definitely what will make you get good results and be able to win money.

Online keno games can also be accessed via mobile casinos.

Moreover, the online option is much more dynamic, the player decides when the casino should generate the winning numbers, meaning the bettor does not have to wait to see the results.

Choose one of the online casinos from our list to play online keno. Click on “play now” and you’ll see your bonus details and as soon as you sign up and make your first deposit, you’ll be able to take advantage of the bonus and start placing your bets.

Playing keno or lottery games?

Keno guide

The difference between keno and lottery is in the amount of numbers players can choose from. Furthermore, in live casinos we can find options to play keno every five or six minutes, unlike lotteries where players only follow one or two games per week and must wait for the draw.

Just like in a lottery game, to play keno you need to select a few numbers that are then drawn. The big difference between keno and the lottery is the amount of money the player will bet. In the lottery game, often the amount of money is fixed for each game you play.

The biggest advantage of playing keno is that you can play as many times as you like every hour. In online casinos, it is even easier, as the gambler plays more often since the game is available 24 hours on the digital network. Over the Internet, players choose their numbers and click play, the machine electronically draws the numbers and automatically generates the prizes.

You can win big money playing keno with just a quick selection of numbers, just like a lottery game. Other similar games, such as online bingo, also follow the same game format.

In the game of keno you will have to bet on each game you choose. If you bet $5 on 4 different houses and choose to play 5 different games you will automatically bet $25 at once.

Keno Game Origins 

Keno tips

How to play online keno step by step.

Online keno is great fun with prizes drawn instantly. Choose one of the online casinos from our list, register for your account security and upon making your first deposit you will receive your bonus and be ready to start playing. 

You’ll find a few options on the online keno screen to choose from before you start your game: 

  • Clear the numbers if you want to change your betting options;
  • On the “get automatically” option, the machine will choose the numbers;
  • Click on “GO” to start the game;
  • The “play 5” button means to play the same bet five times in a row;
  • The “play 10” button has the same function as above proportionally;
  • Bet payouts will appear in the corner of the screen under “Paytable”.

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