What is a handicap in football betting?

There are only two possibilities for you to have come this far: either you have already seen this term in the bookmakers and want tips on how to benefit from this option; or you are looking for new markets that you do not know yet. Who already knows the term “handicap”, certainly has done some research on the internet to know its meaning.

For those who haven’t done so, the dictionary describes it as an advantage or addition granted to some competitors to balance out the chances of victory or disadvantage to make success more difficult.

If that didn’t help, then let’s get straight to the point. The “handicap” is as if you trust that a team, even if it enters the field losing, will be able to win the match.

In other words, it would be obliged to win by two or more goals of difference, because the opponent would start winning by 1-0 or by a higher score, according to the handicap chosen. The same goes for the opposite, in case of disadvantage, as we explain below.

What are Asian handicap bets?

Asian handicap

In bookmakers you have certainly already seen the terms European handicap and Asian handicap. It is in the latter that you find more investment options, such as average and quarter handicaps.

In the average handicap, we have for example, the -2,5, with negative symbol. If you bet on Flamengo against Vasco da Gama with this handicap, you win if the club wins by three or more goals difference.

If you bet on Vasco da Gama with the positive symbol, the return is yours if Gigante da Colina wins, draws or even if they lose by two goals difference. In the quarter handicap, with +0,25, the application is similar to the double chance, which guarantees the profit with the team winning or drawing. With -0.25, a simple victory is enough.

How can I earn more money with handicap bets?

handicap bets

No doubt the handicap makes the bet much more interesting because the financial return is more attractive.

Normally, the value applied in a team with a -1,5 handicap gives more than the double in relation to a normal victory.

Of course it is not recommended to make this type of investment all the time, because if you follow the football championships, you see that there are few matches that end with high goal difference.

This investment is ideal for those uneven clashes, of a Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal against a team trying to reach a World Cup for the first time or of that strong attack against a defence that is very leaky.


Handicap betting is ideal if you are one of those who aims for high profit. Earning much more money than most investments, the bettor just needs to keep in mind that this type of application, as all the others, does not work 100% of the time.

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