How to build a betting strategy in six steps

We talked about it in the post about tips to start in this world and now we will deepen in the theme.

1 – Mindset

This little word is in fashion, many people using it in almost all sectors of society. Mindset is nothing more than the mentality, the behavioural culture that we have when facing different situations in life. How we react to day-to-day defeats and victories.

And in betting it is no different: you need to build a professional gambler’s mentality. That is, be prepared to lose money knowing that you can recover in front and know that any change will not make you change the course outlined. Determination and discipline. Work the mindset in this sense, there is a lot of nice content on the subject on the networks. Without it, don’t even read the rest.

2 – Time to analyse the teams

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How much time do you have to study and analyze the teams and players? If you want to be a betting professional and know how you won and lost, you need to have time to study. Later I will make a specific post about how to analyze teams.

Never go to a bookmaker without studying where you will invest. Remember our post about reference, anchoring and intuition? Well, without studying, your brain will lead you to make bad decisions and then, my friend, there is no mindset that can solve it.

3 – Choose a market

For a strategy to be profitable, the most recommended is that you limit the market where you will invest. For that, choose two or three teams, maximum, in which you will become an expert in a short time. Preferably in the same country and in the same league. Study everything you can about your chosen league.

In the process define one or two betting markets in which these clubs can be profitable: back to favourite? Under 2.5? Over 1.5? Corners? Asian Handycap? Lay score? Anyway, the options are endless and we’ll talk about that later on. But choose and define where the team you have become expert on performs best in the long run.

4 – Bank management

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The control of your money is linked to all the previous points: mindset, analysis and choice of markets. Only you know how much you have in hands and how much is available to invest in bets. I said before: do not bet with the money you would use to pay your daily bills.

You need to have a minimum amount left in your account to be able to use it in betting. And its distribution in your strategy is fundamental in the calculation that we will see in the next point.

5 – Games pricing

You have already chosen a team and a market and studied both. Your mindset is fine-tuned and your bankroll decided. You need, then, to find value in the bets. For that, you need to see if there is asymmetry between the odds you calculated (see in this post how) and the ones offered by the bookmakers on the markets you are interested in.

For example, you have chosen PSG and Ligue 1 of France as your speciality. And your preferred investment market is Over 1.5, because you have seen that in games with this team there is more than one goal per match on average. You can choose a long term strategy of 10 matches, always on the same market, knowing that you will lose money on some of them, but you will make profit on the sum of the 10 matches. Without study and without knowing how to price, this becomes impossible to know.

6 – Validation

Take care of your mindset, find the parameters that interest you to study about a team, have time in your schedule for this, define the market you want to dominate, make a conscious management of your bankroll and know how to price all this in relation to odds and odds.

With this, you will build a strategy. But before you know if it is good or bad, you need to validate this strategy. That is, test it for a certain time. Don’t stop even if you lose or make a lot of money. If it did not work as you intended, change some of the steps. But don’t give up halfway: validate and trust your winning strategy.

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