Online Bingo machines – how to play bingo and win

Bingo is a very simple game, in general, you buy cards with numbers and mark those that are drawn. Each time you fill in a pattern of rows, columns or diagonals to be awarded, you make a bingo and win. 

How to win at bingo 

Online bingo works the same way, you compete with other players who are betting in the same room and through online chats you can chat and interact while playing. In online bingo, the player buys their cards with random numbers, which can be viewed on the screen of the computer or mobile device. 

Online casinos offer several bingo rooms with many possibilities to win prizes. Bingo is a game that works even better when played online, which is why some sites are dedicated solely to the game of bingo, with several rooms with different themes and variants of the game. 

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Types of cards and balls

Online Bingo guide

The bingo game has four card formats, with each of the bingo variants having different ways of winning. The odds and speed of play vary with each bingo card format you choose to play. Please find below the 4 types of bingo cards: 

  • Bingo – 90 balls.
  • Bingo – 80 balls.
  • Bingo – 75 balls.
  • Bingo – 30 balls. 

Strategies at bingo used by high rollers

Although the numbers drawn are completely random, there are strategies to win at bingo that are used by high rollers. It is important to observe the game as much as possible in order to be able to apply such strategies. 

Remember that strategies don’t work as a ready-made recipe, you need to be prepared and at the right time to use them. 

Check out the 2 main strategies to win at online bingo or even in the live bingo game. 

Granville Strategy

Online Bingo

The most applied betting system in bingo is called Granville. It was created by the French mathematician, Joseph Granville, who also created several strategies used in stock markets to predict price movements. This strategy can be used to improve the odds of hitting the drawn numbers. 

To use the Granville strategy, you need to select bingo cards with numbers that make the card symmetrical. This is because Granville noted that there are patterns that apply for all bingo games and players can take advantage of this pattern to improve their chances of making a line or any winning format. 

Understand how this strategy works: 

  • You need to have an equal number of high and low numbers.
  • You must have an equal number of odd and even numbers.
  • You must have an equal amount of numbers ending with 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

When you are playing bingo online, you will be able to select another bingo card, when you don’t want to stick with the card that was given, and so it will be possible to choose cards that follow Granville’s system of probabilities. 

Tippett strategy

British statistician L.H.C. Tippett observed that the shorter a bingo game, the more chances of the drawn numbers being close to 1 to 75, and the longer the game takes to finish, the more chances of the drawn numbers being close to 38. Therefore, the Tippet strategy suggests: 

  • Choose bingo cards with numbers close to 1 and 75 when playing a faster bingo game.
  • Choose bingo cards with numbers around the average of 38 for games that will take longer such as the blackout bingo variant.

To find out more about the speed of the game, you can check the forms of awards (lines, diagonals). When the payout is by lines, i.e. 5 squares horizontally, vertically or diagonally, it means that the game will end faster. More complex games like flag and blackout variants, require players to mark all the boxes on the board, so the game will take longer to finish.

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