Planning for the future of a strong, vibrant community requires knowledge of the past and an understanding of what we value in the present.  Existing buildings, structures and landscapes often define a community’s unique identity and give it character and a sense of place.  To help guide change, it is important to identify and protect the places in the community that have cultural heritage value. 

Designation under the Ontario Heritage Act is one tool that hundreds of communities across Ontario have used to protect thousands of heritage properties.  Properties can be designated individually (under Part IV of the Act) or as part of a larger area or Heritage Conservation District (under Part V).

Heritage designation:

RECOGNIZES the importance of a property to the local community;

PROTECTS the property’s cultural heritage value;

ENCOURAGES good stewardship and conservation; and

PROMOTES knowledge and understanding about the property.

For the community, designation of heritage properties provides a process to ensure the heritage attributes of a property are conserved over time.  Property owners, the Kingsville Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee and municipal staff work together to ensure that changes to the property respect its value.

For the property owner, designation recognizes the significance of their property and assures them that future owners will respect and appreciate their investment.  Designation may also provide property owners with access to grants, loans or tax relief to support the conservation of the property.

For more information on what it means to designate a property, refer to the following Ministry of Culture publications:

Designating Heritage Properties: A Guide to Municipal Designation of Individual Properties Under the Ontario Heritage Act, or

Heritage Conservation Districts: A Guide to District Designation Under the Ontario Heritage Act.

For more information, please call the Ministry of Culture at (416) 212-0644 or Toll Free at 1-866-454-0049 or refer to the website at www.culture.gov.on.ca.

If you’d like to start the process, please send a letter to the Town of Kingsville stating your desire to be designated.  Please add any information you may have about the age of your home and send the letter to:

Town of Kingsville

2021 Division Road North

Kingsville, ON  N9Y 2Y9

Attention:  Kingsville Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee

Our heritage designation score sheet can be downloaded at the link at the top of this page.

Pictured:  (left) Stone Study; (centre) A.C. Gardner House;  and (right) Walker Cottage (none designated to date).

Email the Kingsville Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee: info@kingsvilleheritage.ca