The Kingsville Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (KMHAC) was formed in 2004 by Kingsville Town Council.

The Town of Kingsville is committed to supporting the preservation of its heritage.  Among its goals, the KMHAC actively promotes heritage in the community by making recommendations to Council to designate landscape and built property as heritage properties. The terms of reference granted to the Committee by Town Council include promoting and protecting built heritage in the municipality. The committee fulfills these tasks by providing an inventory of built heritage, designating heritage properties and with public events such as the colouring contest for local children.

In 2006 the Town established a program to offer tax refunds for eligible heritage properties. This program allows owners of designated heritage properties to apply for tax relief for up to 40% of the taxes for municipal, county and school purposes. Property owners must reapply every year for the rebate and provide a 5 year plan which outlines the maintenance of the property.

Much of Kingsville’s attraction stems from its unique collection of historic properties, visible reminders of Kingsville’s rich and storied past. Click the buttons on the navigation bar at the top of the page to take full advantage of the information the site has to offer.


“protecting and Preserving our Heritage”


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Pictured:  (left) Jonas Wigle house; (centre top) James E. Brown house; (bottom centre) Henry P. Scratch house; (right) The Wedding House.

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